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Seurico™ Dog Pooper Scooper

Seurico™ Dog Pooper Scooper

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Seurico™ Dog Pooper Scooper

Seurico™ Dog Pooper Scooper

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Seurico™🐶: Making Pet Cleanup Swift, Hygienic, and Hassle-Free!🧼

Ever had to interrupt an enjoyable walk 🚶‍♀️because of your pet's call of nature?

Or felt the dread 😱 of bending down with a flimsy plastic bag to clean up?


With the Seurico™ Pooper Scooper, these moments become hassle-free.

Its unique design and functionality turn an awkward task into a swift, hygienic process.🚀🚀

Why Choose Seurico™ Over Others?🤔

😫Struggling with other pooper scoopers that miss spots, lack comfort and storage, or are just too conspicuous?

The Seurico™ Pooper Scooper is here to change that.🔄


Our device boasts a six-claw design for thorough pick-up, a comfortable carry handle, convenient bag storage, and a retractable strap for easy portability.

Its discreet design mimics a water bottle, ensuring a hygienic process and worry-free strolls.

Welcome to the future of pet cleanup!

😊Pet Owners Weigh In:

The Impact of the Seurico™ on Daily Walks

- Lillian, Australia 🛡️Verified Buyer
"The portability of the Seurico poop scooper is impressive. It’s so lightweight and easy to carry around. Now, my outings with Max are more fun and less about cleanup."
- Andrew, United States 🛡️Verified Buyer
"This pooper scooper has revolutionized my daily walks with my Golden Retriever. Its concealed storage is a significant improvement - I don’t have to carry extra bags anymore! This product is a must-have for every dog owner."
- Lucia, Canada 🛡️Verified Buyer
"I've had my fair share of early morning walks with my Saint Bernard, and let me tell you, the Seurico™ dog pooper scooper is a lifesaver. The one-handed operation makes it so much easier for me to handle Leo's leash and the scooper at the same time. It's practical and mess-free."

What Makes Seurico™ Special?

Convenient and Efficient Six-Claw Design

Our unique six-claw design grabs hold of what you don't want to.

It ensures a higher pick-up rate so you can clean up faster and get back to playing fetch!

✨Master Every Terrain with Ease

Crafted with superior, robust materials, our Seurico™ dog poop scooper is unrivaled in its durability.

With its exceptionally designed claws, it confidently grips and lifts waste off any surface, be it grass, gravel, or concrete.

Experience the effortless clean-up that leaves no trace behind, regardless of where your adventures with your furry friend take you.

✨Maximize Comfort on Long Walks

Comfortable Carry Handle: We know comfort is key when you're out for long walks. That's why our pooper scooper comes with a convenient carry handle that feels just right in your hand.

Retractable Strap: We've added a retractable strap to make carrying even more convenient. Attach it to your leash, belt, or bag and you're ready to roll.

It is ideal for walking, visits to the dog park, trips, hiking, shopping, or other outdoor activities.

✨Built-in Poop Bag Dispenser

Never be caught without a bag again! Our pooper scooper has an internal storage compartment for your garbage bags.

Just grab and go!

✨Suitable for All Pet Waste Sizes

Our pet pooper scooper is designed with wide-opening claws that can effortlessly handle waste from dogs of any breed or size. 

This makes it an ideal tool for owners of small, medium, and large dogs, ensuring a hassle-free clean-up no matter the size of your furry friend's waste.

✨Discreet and Portable Design

Our Seurico™ poop scooper isn't just practical, it's also discreet.

Once assembled, it looks just like a water bottle, making it easy to carry around or stash in your bag.

No one will ever know you've got a pooper scooper with you!


The Seurico™ Pooper Scooper is a breeze to use. Just unscrew the top, insert a bag, and you're ready for scooping action.

And don't worry, we've got detailed instructions below.

Product Specification

  • Name: Seurico™ Pet Poop Scooper
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 208g


Q: Is the Seurico™ poop scooper easy to clean?

A: Yes, the Seurico™ pooper scooper is designed to be easily cleaned with warm soapy water.

Q: Can the Seurico™ pooper scooper be used on all surfaces?

A: Yes, the design of the Seurico™ pooper scooper allows it to pick up waste from a variety of surfaces including grass, concrete, gravel, and more.

Q: Can I use bags with the Seurico™ pooper scooper?

A: Yes, you can use any standard size poop bag with the Seurico™ pooper scooper.

Q: Is the Seurico™ pooper scooper portable?

A: Yes, the Seurico™ pooper scooper is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry during walks or travels.

Q: Can I use the Seurico™ pooper scooper in rain or snow?

A: Yes, the plastic material of the Seurico™ pooper scooper is weather-resistant and can be used in all conditions.

Q: How do I dispose of waste after using the Seurico™ pooper scooper?

A: After using the Seurico™ pooper scooper, you can dispose of the waste in a proper waste bin or compost pile if permissible.

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