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ShapePod™ Itch Relief Body Toning Feminine Wellness Herbal Capsules

ShapePod™ Itch Relief Body Toning Feminine Wellness Herbal Capsules

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ShapePod™ Itch Relief Body Toning Feminine Wellness Herbal Capsules

ShapePod™ Itch Relief Body Toning Feminine Wellness Herbal Capsules

Regular price $19.99
Regular price $19.99 Sale price $29.99
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Customers Shape Intimate Health and Body Toning with ShapePod™ Capsules

- Zoe, Amsterdam, Netherlands 🛡️Verified Buyer
"Five stars, no doubt! ShapePod saved me from intimate issues and weight gain. After 2 boxes, I feel fantastic, and I've shed 6 pounds! My boyfriend can't stop praising the transformation."
- Stella, Austin, USA 🛡️Verified Buyer
"These capsules work wonders! Intimate issues and weight gain were taking a toll on me. I used so many boxes of ShapePod. They're herbal, which I love. My pH balance improved, and I felt detoxed. I lost 3 inches, and my body shape is more defined now."
- Camille, Berlin, Germany 🛡️Verified Buyer
"No more worries about my intimate issues and weight gain that used to distress me constantly. Now I can wear my favorite clothes without feeling uncomfortable. After 3 boxes, I'm tighter, healthier, and slimmer."
- Layla, Lyon, France 🛡️Verified Buyer

"Struggling with excess weight due to snacking and inactivity made clothes shopping miserable. After trying it, I shed 5 lbs in just 2 boxes. Now, as a satisfied repeat customer, I'm thrilled with this product."

Genital Health Challenges Due to Toxins

According to the American Association of Gynecologists, exposure to common toxins can pose health risks such as obesity, fatigue, headaches, and imbalanced pH levels.

In warm and moist genital areas, bacteria thrive, producing toxins that can result in infections and discomfort, including itchiness, swelling, and odor.

Vagina's Astonishing Detoxification Superpower!

Surprisingly, the vagina plays a crucial role in the body's detox process, as it can store heavy metals at concentrations up to 20 times greater than in the bloodstream.

This highlights its remarkable ability to help rid the body of harmful substances.

How Does ShapePod™ Benefit You?

ShapePod™ capsules can be easily inserted into the vagina using the fingers. Once inserted, these capsules take approximately 15 minutes to dissolve, releasing their beneficial contents to be absorbed by the vaginal mucosa.

With a targeted approach, this product aims to repair damaged mucosa and elastic fibers in the vagina, all while enhancing the self-cleaning function of the uterus and vagina.

Balancing pH Levels

These capsules effectively maintain a healthy vaginal pH balance at a level of 5.5, which is proven to reduce the risk of infections such as yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis by up to 98%, ensuring lasting comfort and well-being.


Relief from Itching: ShapePod™ capsules effectively soothe vaginal itchiness. They contain natural herbs that calm irritation, providing comfort for those experiencing itching or discomfort in the intimate area.

Eliminating Odors: ShapePod™ capsules help eliminate unpleasant vaginal odors, ensuring you feel fresh and confident all day, especially when dealing with odor issues caused by bacterial imbalance.

Enhance Vaginal Tightness

ShapePod™ delivers exceptional results by promoting a 15% increase in vaginal tightness.

Its unique herbal blend effectively tones and rejuvenates vaginal muscles, providing women with a tangible boost in intimacy and the confidence of noticeable tightness.

Detoxify and Cleanse

ShapePod™ aids in detoxification. Its herbal components gently cleanse the vaginal area, removing impurities and promoting a healthier, fresher feeling for those looking to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

Suppressing Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Candida albicans on the inner walls while rejuvenating and reshaping the intimate area to restore its youthful appearance.

Body Shaping Support

ShapePod™ capsules help combat bloating by eliminating toxins from the vaginal area, typically leading to up to 1-2 inches of reduced water retention and inflammation within 4 weeks.

This promotes a slimmer, more comfortable feeling for a visibly trimmer appearance.

Natural and Safe Ingredients

With an all-natural, chemical-free formula, ShapePod™ stands out as a safe alternative to potentially harmful chemical-based products on the market.

  • Snow lotusThrives in extreme conditions, yielding unique compounds that soothe and rejuvenate, making it ideal for anti-itch and odor-eliminating solutions.
  • Safflower extractPossesses antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, aiding in pH balance maintenance and vaginal tightness.
  • Cnidium monnieri extractBoasts potent antimicrobial qualities, contributing to both detoxification and odor reduction.
  • Sophora flavescens extractIt is rich in alkaloids, supporting body shaping efforts through its metabolic benefits.

Microcapsule Technology for Herbal Wellness

  • Controlled Release of Active Ingredients: Microcapsules enable precise control of herbal ingredient release, ensuring gradual benefits for anti-itch, odor control, pH balance, and more.
  • Enhanced Stability: These capsules offer enhanced stability, safeguarding herbal components from moisture and oxidation, preserving their potency.
  • Targeted Action: Tailored microcapsules release specific extracts at the right place and time, ensuring optimal results, like vaginal tightness or detoxification.
  • Improved Absorption and Bioavailability: Microcapsule tech improves herbal compound solubility, enhancing absorption for better vaginal health, detox, and body shaping effects.

    Professional Endorsement and Recommendation

    "ShapePod™ capsules offer an innovative solution for women's vaginal and body care. They contain key ingredients: snow lotus for vaginal tightness, safflower extract for detoxification, cnidium monnieri extract for improved circulation and vaginal health, and sophora flavescens extract for body shaping.

    In a comprehensive 12-week clinical trial, an impressive 98% of participants reported significant enhancements in vaginal tightness, detoxification, and body contouring. As a medical professional, I would wholeheartedly recommend it to any women who seek these improvements."

    - Dr. Valentina Petrová, MD, Gynecologist, Rila Mountain Regional Hospital, Bulgaria

    Dr. Valentina Petrová, a highly esteemed gynecologist with three decades of experience, is celebrated for her remarkable contributions to women's health.

    She has been bestowed with the prestigious 'Women's Healthcare Excellence Award' and consistently receives praise from her patients for her expert care.

    Priscilla's ShapePod™ Success: Bye-Bye Itching, Odor, and Extra Pounds!

    "I'm a busy working professional who had been dealing with persistent vaginal itching, embarrassing odor, and unwanted weight gain. It was affecting my confidence at work and intimacy with my hubby. When I discovered ShapePod, I decided to give it a shot."

    Week 6: "It worked wonders! After using 3 boxes of capsules, the itching and odor diminished significantly, making me feel more comfortable in my own skin. I couldn't believe it, but I actually lost 14 pounds too! ShapePod started transforming my life, and I couldn't be happier."

    Week 10: "ShapePod exceeded my expectations. After completing 5 boxes of capsules, the itching and odor were completely gone, and I had shed an impressive 19 pounds! My hubby noticed the positive changes and was delighted with our newfound intimacy. ShapePod not only solved my problems but also reignited the spark in my life! I'll wholeheartedly recommend ShapePod to anyone looking for similar results!"

    How to Use?

    1. Wash hands thoroughly.
    2. Insert 1 capsuledeeply into the vagina before bedtime.
    3. Lie down for 15-20 minutes. Let suppository dissolve. Avoid immediate activity.
    4. Wash hands again after application.

    Product Specification

    • Product Name: ShapePod™ Feminine Wellness Herbal Capsules
    • Net Content:10 capsules per box
    • Shelf Life: 24 months
    • Key Ingredients: Contains 17 herbal ingredients including snow lotus of the high mountains, Safflower extract, Cnidium monnieri extract, and Sophora flavescens extract
    • Functions: Addresses female health concerns such as itch and odor elimination, pH balance maintenance, vaginal tightness improvement, and body detoxification and shaping


    • What is ShapePod™ anti-itching detox body shaping capsules?

    ShapePod™ is designed to help with weight management, detoxification, and relieving itching in the genital area.

    • How does ShapePod™ capsules work?

    It contains natural ingredients that support weight management, detoxification, and relieve genital itching. It dissolves and releases its active ingredients upon insertion into the vagina.

    • How often should I use ShapePod™ capsules?

    The recommended dose is once per day.

    • Are there any side effects to using ShapePod™ capsules?

    ShapePod™ capsules is safe and well-tolerated.

    • How long does it take to see results with ShapePod™ capsules?

    Results may vary, but many users report seeing visible results within a few weeks of consistent use.

    • Can ShapePod™ capsules be used by individuals under the age of 18?

    ShapePod™ capsules is intended for use by adults.

    • Can ShapePod™ capsules be used during pregnancy or while breastfeeding?

    It is advisable to avoid using ShapePod™capsules during pregnancy or while breastfeeding, as the effects of the key ingredients on pregnant women or nursing infants have not been extensively studied.

    • Are there any restrictions or contraindications for using ShapePod™ capsules?

    ShapePod™ capsules is not recommended for use by pregnant or breastfeeding women.

    • When is the recommended time to use ShapePod™ capsules?

    ShapePod™ capsules is recommended to be used at night before bedtime.

    • Will using ShapePod™ capsules at night affect my sleep?

    ShapePod™ capsules is designed to be non-stimulating, which means it should not interfere with your sleep patterns.

    • Is ShapePod™ capsules suitable for individuals who have undergone a hysterectomy?

    ShapePod™ capsules are designed to be safe and effective for individuals who have undergone a hysterectomy.

    • Is ShapePod™ capsules suitable for individuals with diabetes?

    Of course. It does not have an impact on diabetes.

    • Is ShapePod™ capsule suitable for individuals experiencing menopause?

    ShapePod™ capsules can be used by individuals experiencing menopause.

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